So you might have read the title, “The Importance of Spending Time Working ON Your Cake Business” and be thinking, I’m working on it every blumming day, of course I know its important!


BUT….are you working ON your business or are you working IN it? There is a big difference! Yes, you will be working in your business every single day by taking enquiries, working on orders, collections, deliveries etc but, working ON your business is something entirely different.


So, what’s the problem with not realising the importance of spending time working on your Cake Business?


Have you got ideas of things you’d like to do with your business but you never quite seem to get around to them because you don’t have time? By spending all of your time working on orders, something has to take a back seat in your business, whether that is the potential for future work, your social media advertising, and often even your sanity! That is unless we MAKE TIME for the things that matter to us.


So right now, you might be thinking that you’ve got plenty of work booked in so why does it matter if you don’t have time to work on the development of your business. It matters because if you don’t do it, at some point your orders will stagnate, you’ll get behind on your admin (and that can lead to much bigger problems suck as lack of organisation and the potential for missed orders) and you may not keep your books up to date (which will make it very difficult to know where you are making money, and where your biggest expenses lie). If you were to end up in this position then chances are you would start to feel like you resented your business.



What should you do about it?


By setting some time aside to work ON your business, you are allowing your business to grow.


It can be scary to take a step back and work ON your business, as you may worry that you won’t make as much money but by spending the time working on your business, you have the potential to create much more income as you will be able to create new products, review your pricing, develop a more efficient way of working and so much more.


It will give you an opportunity to take a step back and consider what you want for the future of your business. Maybe you want to take your business in a particular direction but you feel like you are never quite getting there. The only way to do this, is to cut back on those things that are just a distraction from what you truly want for your business.


You are in control of your diary so be realistic as to how many orders you can manage, whilst still finding time to work on your business. You could even schedule in the time to work on your business, as if it was an order if you struggle to commit to the time.


I hope that this blog has helped you – over the next few months I will be bringing you more blogs and resources to help you when it comes to the Importance of Spending Time Working on Your Cake Business.