Anyone who has worked with me before, will know that seasonal baking is something that I am always banging on about! But, what is Seasonal Baking & Why is it Important For Your Cake Business?


What is Seasonal Baking? 

The term “seasonal baking” means, baking for any of the widely recognised occasions that are scheduled in the yearly calender! 

Here are a list of the major seasonal baking opportunities in the Uk Calendar. 

I highly recommend scheduling these dates into your diary, and then diarising 6 – 8 weeks ahead of those dates,  so that you can get your seasonal offering in place, and start advertising to get orders in. 


Why is Seasonal Baking Important For Your Cake Business? 

Here are the two main reasons why seasonal baking is important for your cake business:


1. Seasonal Baking helps you to attract new customers 

Almost a bit like a “try before you buy”new customers often like to order something seasonal before they place a large order for a celebration cake or wedding cake, so that they can be sure that they like your work. Also, you often find, that people may order for seasonal events, who may not otherwise order cakes from a small business. 

2. Seasonal baking helps to provide a consistent income in your cake business

Anyone who has worked with me before will have heard me talk about Vanity & Sanity products. Seasonal Baking is very much a sanity product – non bespoke, easy to put together, low cost, high volume which can help you build firm foundations for the future of your business. 


If you would like to know more about the benefits, and learn how you can absolutely boss your cake business when it comes to your festive offering this Christmas, why not join me for my Festive masterclass: How To Make The Most Of The Festive Season In Your Cake Business