Let me tell you the story of Jenny from What’s in Ma’s Cake Tin….
Jenny first got into baking by accident, like a lot of us, she has lots of memories of good times based around cake. She started by baking with both her Gran, and her mum, and then as she got older, she continued to bake for her own children and let’s just say the rest is history!
Another accident was how Jenny happened to start a cake business….
Whilst working as a Life Coach, Jenny was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. She had to have her thyroid removed, and whilst she was off sick from work she started baking at home to occupy her time. Things progressed from there and Jenny started making cakes for friends and family, she would send cakes for her daughters hockey team to try on a weekend, and that led to more orders so things really started to take off . Being unregistered Jenny was only charging for the ingredients and friends were really wanting to start paying her properly so Jenny knew it was time to look into getting set up.
She started off doing a couple of low cost, online courses to find out what she needed to do to get started but even at the end of them she still wasn’t sure what she needed to do! She then saw a post from me, advertising my cake business start up programme and she jumped on!
I asked Jenny how she felt when she started the programme and she said:
“I think it was a mixture of things really, I was apprehensive about all the things that you legally have to have in place. It felt really daunting and it was a bit like, can I really do this? Then I’d be looking at the house going, is it clean enough, will I get this passed? But it was exciting as well, because I I’d reached the point where I couldn’t go back to coaching because my concentration levels don’t let me do it anymore.


I really enjoyed the course because I’m someone who likes that structure. So the fact that I knew that, right, the next week, we’re going to study this, and this is what you’re gonna have to learn, and this is what you’ve got to do. Every day I could come on and do something which was perfect. For me as well, having done some of the other bits, it was good to know I had been on the right track. But there was still little bits that were missing so the course has very much filled in the bits that were missing for me as well. So that was really good. I really enjoyed it and I really enjoyed the people that did the course with me. Rebecca’s been absolutely brilliant and having a safe place where you can say, what am I doing? I shouldn’t be doing this, or is this good enough? Or have I got this right, and people kind of come in from a place of wanting to help you rather than anything negative. The only negative is the fact that it took over my life. I just enjoyed it so much.”
Jenny launched her business on 13th September 2020 and a few days before launching she signed up to my Boss Your Cake Business programme. She had sent me a message when she signed up saying that she had set herself the target of taking £150 of orders on her launch day so that she had covered the cost of the programme.
I’ll let Jenny tell you what actually happened on her launch day:
“It started when you launched another course that we could do having finished this one and I really, really wanted to do it. I just really wasn’t sure that I had the money at that point to do it, but it was a good time to invest it. So I set myself the challenge that I would cover the cost of the new course through the launch. And I would do something that would make that money.
So, I set myself the challenge of doing something on Facebook page every 15 minutes for 12 hours, that would that would attract people to just keep looking at the page. What I didn’t realise was that people made it their activity for the day! They stayed with me for the whole 12 hours, commenting on my posts and ordering so it was really, really busy, but it was great. I ran a competition to win a cake – I made it throughout the day of the launch so I kept posting about the cake being made and then the person who won it would have it delivered to them at the end of the day. It was a manic day and by the time I got home, I was absolutely exhausted. I think I realised how busy I’d got when I looked back at the video of me thanking everybody and I’ve got chocolate cake all over me!
But it was very successful….On that day, I took just over £1000!!”
Now, that is how you launch a cake business! I am super super proud of Jenny, she has done phenomenally well, and I am absolutely honoured that I could help her to get there.
Since then, Jenny has been busy getting all of the orders out, and booking new orders in. She has since advertised for Halloween orders, and that is doing equally well.
When I asked Jenny how she was feeling about her cake business now she said:
“I’d like to say I wish I’d done it earlier but the timing wasn’t right before. This feels like the timing for everything has just been perfect. It’s great having a business that you can do in your own time and your own house and the way you want to run it. The beauty of the course, that I probably didn’t realise at the time, but do now as I’m taking orders and moving forward, is that because we routinely got all the forms and all that kind of thing in place, it’s now easy when I get an order. I know exactly where to get the information, my recipes and things I’ve priced up, everything’s ready to go. So it’s just so much easier and more straightforward.”
I am super super proud of Jenny has her cake business. Would you like this to be you? You could be the one to start your cake business, and be taking over £1000 of orders from the outset!! How amazing would that be!

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