In this blog post I’m letting Amy from Amy’s Cake & More take over so that she can tell you all about how she has used Social Media to SELL in her cak business! 
Her results have been amazing, I’ll let her tell you all about it! 


So back in January when I had very few orders, it was the new year , we were still unsure on how the world was working within a global pandemic. I needed to plan on how I was going to generate an income for my small business within its quiet months. I’ve seen a few other pop up cake shops very much like a cake sale, similar to what you would do at a market stall. I was a little bit hesitant at first, so I thought about it a little bit longer . The weeks were quiet….. so I just did it! I planned my 1st online cake sale unsure on what to expect. I created an “event” on Facebook, invited all my friends (I noticed it only invites personal friends not my followers) so I was hoping that because it’s on my cake page my rollers would see it, they did and then clicked the “I’m going button” So my date was set….. my event went live….. My friends shared it their friends shared it …. It was happening I was holding my first virtual online cake sale.

I then had to plan what I was going to sell, I priced up all my ingredients, everything I would need, boxes, bags etc…… So I knew how much the day was going to cost me. I then priced up my goods 1, to cover my costs 2, to also make a profit because after all I’d be spending a full day baking and a day boxing up and selling goods. Some of the items I did for the cake sale are only available on cake sale day’s, I did this so that the cake sales would be appealing to my customers. If they wanted a product that I didn’t normally sell they would have to purchased from my cake sale. I used this as a way to encourage customers to buy on the day. My cupcakes are available all year round but items like brownies, rocky roads, crispy slices are only baked for cake sale days.
I originally planned to do a cake sale every other week and cupcake Friday’s on the alternate every other week, this was so I could guarantee an income each week during the quiet months. My cake sales hit it off better than cupcake Friday’s so in January I did both, February I did just cake sales, March I didn’t do any … this was because I was booked up with actual cake orders. I did however have a full weekend dedicated to Mother’s Day orders which kinda covered a couple of cake sale figures. April I did an Easter cake sale event, every thing I made was Easter chocolate themed, this went well, I made slightly more than usual and I sold everything apart from the odd cupcake. My next cake sale is Saturday 24th April .
As the world is opening back up slowly, I am getting booked up with birthday cake orders, I did think about giving up my cake sales but looking back on what I’ve achieved and what different items I’ve sold, I am now planning on doing them once a month . This gives me an opportunity to make an income once a month and also allows me to offer the other products which I make to those that want them which I can’t fit into my daily cake schedule due to cake orders. These events are only available online, virtual selling, no other advertising was used during any of these events. I shared the event, my friends shared it, their friends shared it. I only ever posted the week the event was on so it was in people’s thoughts. On the actual day of the event, I would post a price list. I would post plenty of pictures of the products available on the day. I would post cakes, goods being boxed up, every so often I would share what was left. I posted on the event page possibly every hour or more just to make myself be seen on Facebook all day .
Every event has been different, I’ve learnt how to manage each one and get my self comfortable with boxing cakes up, storing them till the customer picks them up. Managing messages etc…. I’m glad I started doing these cake sales because the customers that I have generated from the sales have become regular cake sale customers. Some have even gone on to order actual birthday cakes some more than one…. the recipient of these birthday cakes have then ordered from me . So the “word of mouth” has got around . I’m happy with how each sale has gone and I will continue with them for as long as I can and for now they will all be done via Facebook”

I’m Sure you’ll agree that Amy has done AMAZING!! 

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