Recently I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Sophie from Lara’s Cakery.

Sophie joined me on my cake business start up programme in June 2020, and she later went on to launch Lara’s Cakery on 1st August 2020 – just 6 weeks after starting the programme.

I could tell you all about Sophie but I am going to let her tell you herself:


What made Sophie get into baking?

“I remember as a child that my granny would make everything in the kitchen from scratch and it always had that home made smell. She would make fairy cakes with icing sugar (as we know it back then it was half the size of a cupcake now with just icing sugar and water) and sprinkles on top. I was amazed about how perfect and fluffy they were and ever since then I have always wanted to bake. Back then I made my mums birthday cake which was a giant cupcake with a few cupcakes on the side to match and I couldn’t believe at the time what I had created and was proud. I am that person that looks at the desserts first on a menu or even looks at the menu before we have even set off for a meal out!”

What made Sophie want to start a business?

“I remember years ago when acrylic nails become fashionable and I always regretted not going to college to undertake training so I could actually do peoples nails and I thought I never want to be in that position again. Since moving to Derbyshire 5 years ago I am now fortunate enough to live in a town where they have a shop dedicated to everything about cakes. From here I went to come cake courses to learn the basics and started to make cakes for fun and take them into work for my colleagues to enjoy.
They would say to me “Soph you should run your own business” and I would always shut them down as the thought of having my own cake business was scary plus the thought of the council inspecting my kitchen for hygiene reasons.

Then COVID happened along with lockdown. It made me realise life’s too short and now is the time to start my business as I had nothing to lose – if I didn’t do it now then it would be another regret.”

How did Sophie find out about Whisk Cake Business School?

“I am fortunate enough that Rebecca is only a few doors up from myself and I had the pleasure of asking Bec if she would do my cake for my wedding. Since then I have been on a couple of courses prior to COVID to learn some skills from Rebecca. I then noticed Rebecca was going in the direction of helping people set up their own cake business and I thought – you know what I am just going to go for it. As
soon as I noticed Rebecca advertise her 30 days to start your cake business course I immediately signed up!”


How did Sophie feel at the start of the course?

“Initially I am not going to lie I was scared, anxious and worried asking myself if I had made the right decision. I was worried about the numbers… I was worried about the inspection and most of all self belief.

BUT, If this course hadnt have been launched – I wouldn’t have had the courage to launch my business.

Rebecca makes learning about setting up a business really calming, encouraging and simple, which is not what I expected.

You are provided with a step by step guide, jam packed full of course units to complete at your own pace. Whats great to know is when you follow the units you are given the tools and advice to launch your business by the time of the course finishing.

The course units are available in a private Facebook group full of other friendly people who are in the very same shoes as yourself. The content is available for life. You can ask any questions and you are not made to feel stupid and you can also get the opinions and feedback that you need. If I was ever unsure or wanted to speak with Rebecca privately I could.”

How has Sophie’s business been since the launch?

“Having only launched in August 2020, coming into the third month I have had over £400 worth of orders. This might not sound much to many but to me it has been better than I could even have imagined. I am fully in control knowing that I have taken the right steps to fulfill my dream of having my own cake business. My ultimate dream would be to create wedding cakes and to make the business as much of a success that I can rely on the job to pay the bills. I can now see this happening because of Rebecca’s help.”

What piece of advice would Sophie  give to anyone looking to start their baking business?

“Don’t be afraid to take whisks!” – someday you may regret not making your dream a reality. Do it with the help of Rebecca as there are so many things I wouldn’t have done by myself which could have got my into trouble!! I am so glad I did. Thank you Bec”


I am incredibly proud of Sophie for everything to that she has already achieved, and continues to achieve. 


If you want to guarantee that you are starting out legally and professionally, in a cake business that will have longevity, you can download my free Bake It Happen E-Book here