Whenever I get chatting to Cake Business Owners about the use of Social Media in their business, there’s one thing that ALWAYS crops up…

“The Facebook Algorithm Hates me”


“Facebook Hides My Posts”

“I need to understand the Algorithm better so I can feed it”



Is this sounding familiar to you? Let’s have a better look at it….

Yes, the Facebook Algorithm decides what users see in their newsfeed BUT, it isn’t what you think it is…

Facebook will prioritise the content that it believes a user will enjoy and engage with, based upon that users previous usage. Have you ever commented on a post from a business, and then all of a sudden that businesses page seems to crop up all the time? That is why! The algorithm is doing its thing!

So, my question to you is, why is it Facebooks fault if your content is not getting seen? You are responsible for the content that you are putting out into the world so if it is not getting seen then you need to be asking yourself why users don’t want to engage with what you are putting out there. If you are creating content that is mundane, the same as everyone elses, constantly sales based, or generally boring, that will not stop the scroll and make people want to engage with you.

So what should you do?

1. Take responsbility for your own outcomes – yes, the algorithm is there, however, if it isn’t showing users your content, that is because your content is not speaking to your audience

2. Don’t just broadcast, create community – ask questions, reply to comments, start conversations, and most importantly, make users feel that they are valued in your world

3. Mix up your content types – different users consume content in different ways

4. Focus on your audience, not the metrics – if insights were taken away what would you talk about? What would your audience want to see? Always focus on producing content for your audience, not the algorithm

5. Don’t make your audience feel like you arte just after a sale from them –  have fun, show your personality, add value, and let people see the person behind the business


By taking these steps, and engaging your audience, you will see that the insights will naturally start to improve – that isn’t because all of a sudden the Facebook Algorithm likes you again, it’s because you are producing better content that your audience love. 

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