There is a lot of chatter at the moment about it being a struggle to run a business in the current climate. For a lot of businesses, this is the case, however, I believe that for cake business owners, there is no better time to be in business. During a time in our lives when we are unable to go very far and do very much, a business that revolves around food and sweet treats is likely to thrive, providing they offer the right products, and market them in the right way. 

So, first of all, why is a good time to start a business right now?

You certainly shouldn’t be put off starting a cake business right now because you can still register with the Council in Lockdown. Councils are still still accepting registrations during the pandemic, even though they may not come out and inspect straightaway. Instead, your Council may want to have a video call with you to do your inspection and see the paperwork that you’ve got in order rather than actually coming out to you. Nevertheless, they are still accepting the registrations and you can still start your business 28 working days after registering, regardless of whether the Council have inspected.

Once registered, you are also fine to continue operating in your business during the curreent Lockdown (January 2020). At the moment, under the current Government guidelines, Cake Businesses can still operate as takeaways, either for delivery or for collection, so long as everything is covid secure.

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Whether you’re just starting a business or whether you’re already in business, now is a great time to be a cake business owner! 

Now, more than ever, people are relying on small businesses and looking to support them as much as they can.

At the moment, people can’t get out. They can’t go very far. They can’t spend their weekends going out with the kids and doing nice things. So people are looking for what they can do to make the time spent at home nicer and that often means ordering in something yummy to eat! It just gives people a little bit of a pick me up, and a feeling of having done something nice without actually having to leave the house. 

Please don’t forget, that even though people can’t go out, that does not mean that celebrations and events are cancelled. Birthdays are not cancelled. Valentines Day, Mother’s Day, and Easter will not be cancelled. People will still celebrate them, just in different ways to how they would have done before. People are looking for different things that they can do with their families. They’re looking for different ways that they can celebrate events. Childrens birthdays do not stop just because they can’t have birthday parties. Parents are still looking for ways to make these events special.

At the moment, people cannot go out and buy gifts, like they normally would. This is where you come in! You can create something delicious, and make sure that you’ve advertised it well. Then people can order from you as a gift and either come and collect, or you can deliver.  Just this morning, I had a lady send me a message on my Facebook Page and ask if I offfered delivery as she lived in a different area but wanted to send a gift to her neice who lived local to me. This wasn’t even for a special occasion it was just to “make her smile” as she’s currently juggling homeschooling and work. This is just one of the requests that I have had to send sweet treats as a gift, and I’m sure there are many more to come. The types of gifts people give, and the reasons for gifting are very different at the moment. 

That is why, if you are on the ball with things, you can get the orders in, and maximise your income potential.

It is important to always (not just in a pandemic!) be thinking about what your customers want. Be direct and say to them, “what would you like to see from me right now?”. Tell your customers the ideas you have an ask them if they would be interested.  By tuning in to what your customers want, and then ensuring you follow through on that, you will get sales from it.  

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