Hi, I’m Rebecca! 

Hi, I’m Rebecca and I live in Chesterfield, Derbyshire with my husband, James, little girl, Emily, and crazy Spaniel, Bracken.

I began showing an interest in cake making when I got engaged to James, my now husband in 2012.  I wanted me and my mum to make our wedding cake. Over our engagement, mum and I worked on our cake making skills at every possible opportunity. As it got closer to the wedding, I had thoughts that I would love to start a cake business but at the time, I was a qualified lawyer, and didn’t really think it was a serious possibility.

I started going on lots of cake decorating classes and absorbed as much knowledge as I could to help me to develop my skills. I spent a lot of time finding out what I needed to do to start a cake business, as I wanted to make sure that I  did everything right. I built my business from scratch and The Lavender Whisk opened in September 2014, and around 6 months later I left my career in law to pursue my cake business full time. 

I started teaching cake decorating in February 2019, and through this, I realised that there is a need for cake makers to have somewhere to get advice on how to set up their business, and grow their business, not just to learn the technical skills associated with cake making and this is where  Whisk – The Cake Business School was born. 


So that is who I am, now how can I help you? 

By putting my time and effort into working on my own cake business, and implementing strategies for success, I am now able to help and support lots and lots of lovely cake makers and bakers every single day.

I will be the person that I wish had been around when I started my own cake business.

I take a very down to earth, no nonsense approach to running a cake business whilst treating every person in my crowd just like I would a bespoke cake order – individual and worthy of my time and attention as if it was my only order.

I can help you to: 

  • Start your own cake business legally and professionally 
  • Be more profitable
  • Have more customers
  • Not constantly have to worry where the next order is coming from
  • Not care what the “competition” is doing
  • Be able to earn a consistent income from your cake making business
  • Be able to do the job you love every single day


Let me tell you a little story….

 Once upon a time, there was a girl called Rebecca. She was a qualified lawyer, but she knew that it wasn’t the right environment for her. She wanted nothing more than to get out of the rat race and make cake for a living, All of her friends and family thought that she was mad. As you might have gathered. That girl was me! I just want to share a little story with you about something that happened to me when I was where you are now….

I’ve really enjoyed it, the pricing information has been brilliant, my other half originally said he thought I wouldn’t sell anything at my prices as no one would pay them, he got me a lead the other night, I quoted how I wanted to and got the order, he now says I have to ignore what he said before and stick to my pricing, he’s heard some of the lives I’ve been watching and is also impressed with what he’s heard, we’ve changed your name slightly in the house now to Rebecca The Legend!

Clayre Grice

Owner, The Baking Buccaneer