Whenever I get chatting to Cake Business Owners about the use of Social Media in their business, one thing that I’m always told is that they need more social media followers in order to be successful…

Is this sounding familiar to you? Let’s have a better look at it….

Yes, more followers are nice, however….more social media followers does not equal more sales!

The most important thing is to have a social media following that is genuinely interested in your work – if they aren’t, then what is the point of them following you?

There are two things I see happening really often:

“Invite All Your Friends”

I see posts like this on Facebook ALL THE TIME!

BUT, this doesnt work because if the people being invited are not genuinely interested in your business then they are just diluting the impactfulness of your content. They won’t engage and that will tell the Facebook Algorithm that your content isn’t very interesting.

Follow For Follow With Other Cake Makers

Time for a little truth bomb….Cake Makers are not your target audience. BUT, by them all following you, and engaging with your page, it is telling Facebook that they are!


Both of these things are actually doing more harm than good. You are better to have 100 engaged followers who will order from you and recommend you, than 1000 followers who have zero interest in what you do and are never going to buy. So instead of always seeking more, focus on who you have got  – provide them with really good content and be easy to buy from.


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