Do you want to make more money out of your cake business in 2021?

Here’s the thing, cake makers love making cake, but we know nothing about business do we? This was the story that I used to tell myself all the time. I used to get really frustrated with the business side of things and constantly say “I just want to make cake”

But, then I woke up and realised that if I showed more interest in the business side of things and put more effort there, then in turn, I’d get to make more cake, and money! 











So, what is it all about?

→ An e-book intended to outline what the sticking points may be in your business, and how you can tackle them, to make more cake…and money!

→ No longer feeling like you are working ALL the hours and not seeing the financial gain from it

→ No longer treating your business like an expensive hobby

→ Instead you will think like a business owner and take steps to make more money by:

  • Knowing Your Numbers
  • Finding Out What You Enjoy & Being Consistent
  • Selling Your Cakes & Being Easy To Buy From
  • Adding Value For Your Customers
  • Bossing Your Branding

 Ready To Dive in?