Recently, I had the pleasure of helping out Jade from Jades Delights with her wedding cake! 

Jade made her own cake (here is is, isn’t it stunning!) and I went to the venue to set it up for her on the morning of the wedding so that she could get on with doing all the things that brides should be doing on their wedding day! 

This was my first wedding set up in 18 months, and I’ll be honest, I was a bit rusty!

So if like me you are just getting back into the swing of wedding cake set ups, here are some top tips for you: 

Four Tier Semi Naked Wedding Cake

1. Contact the venue ahead of the delivery day to find out what time you are able to go and set the cake up – some venues will be very specific about when this is possible so don’t just turn up without speaking to them first. 

2. Put a “wedding set up kit” together! For me this contains: 

  • Spirit Level
  • Pallet Knife 
  • Scissors 
  • Wire Cutters 
  • Spare Dowels 
  • Piping Bag 
  • Posy Picks 
  • Antibacterial hand wipes 
  • Cocktail sticks 
  • Royal Icing
  • Spare Fondant (if using)
  • Spare Buttercream (if using)
  • Cake Topper (if using)
  • Flowers plus spares (if using)
  • Ribbon 
  • Double Sided Tape 

3. Take your paperwork with you – it’s likely to contain information that you need. 

4. Plan your route – many wedding venues are in the countryside so some routes will be better than others for travelling with the cake – I recommend the straightest, flattest route possible! 

5. Allow yourself extra time to get there 

6. ALWAYS travel with the cake in individual tiers to avoid any damage in transit. 

7. Allow time for set up at the venue – I allocate 45 mins – 1 hour for this 

8. On arrival, go into the venue first before you start unloading your car and let them know you are here – they may ask you to drive around to a different entrance so that you don’t have to carry the cake as far. 

9. Before you start setting the cake up check that the table is sturdy, table cloth on, and not directly in front of a window thats going to get the sun on it/ a radiator in winter – if anything isn’t right, speak to the venue, they are usually very helpful. 

10. Once set up, speak to a member of staff, let them know that you are finished, and provide them with any info they need – for example, the flavours, allergen information, and the couples wishes regarding the cake being cut up. 

11. Before you leave – take lots of photos!!! Not only are these evidence of the condition of the cake when you left it – they are great for you to use in your future advertising! 

12. Smile – you’ve just done yourself and your business proud! 

I hope that you find this helpful! Feel free to share with your cakey friends, save for later, or screenshot the tips so that you can refer to it when you do a wedding set up! If you have anymore tips to add, you can email me at 

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