How Can I Help and Support you?

Whatever stage of your cake business journey you are at, I would love to be able to help and support you to reach your cakey dreams.
Whether you are taking those tentative first steps towards starting a cake business, or you are looking to give your existing cake business a boost, I am sure that by working together, we can have you absolutely rocking your cake business.

start your cake business 


If you’re dreaming of starting your own cake business and don’t know where to start, or maybe you know what you need to do but you’re not sure how to do it, then this is the ultimate course for you.

You can have your cake business up and running in 6 weeks and this course will show you how. 


boss your cake business 


Are you deserving of the “Star Baker” title in the kitchen, BUT you’re not going to be winning any awards in business any time soon?

So, you feel like you’re constantly “busy” but not really making any money….I can help you to change that. You can earn a profit that the reflects the time and effort that you put into your work. 


Slice of



Would you like to feel like you are completely in control of your business, whilst still having someone to lean on? No more winging it on your own here with my super supportive community – a place where you can have your questions answered by me in a group environment, attend a monthly mini masterclass and join in a monthly live Q&A 


I’ve always loved baking but due to personal issues I’d lost my “mojo” for quite a while and then lockdown happened! I needed something to keep me sane as I was shielded due to health issues. I started baking again and I totally fell back in love with it! I’d thought on and off for years that I’d love to start a business but I always doubted myself, my abilities and worried that I wasn’t as good as other bakers I had seen on social media! I also had this idea in my head that it was a long and complicated process involving kitchen refit, registering, qualifications etc!
I’d joined a few cake groups on Facebook and was getting quite envious of the people I saw running cake businesses and then one day whilst scrolling an advert popped up on my newsfeed for BAKE IT HAPPEN! It was like a sign! I requested to join the group and straight away knew it was going to change my life! Instantly I saw that Rebecca was not only extremely knowledgeable but also really enjoyed helping other people to achieve their dreams just as she had! And the best thing is she’d been where I was and was now here in front of me with a successful baking business but also a cake school! It made me realise I could do it! I was still very nervous and doubting myself when I signed up but Rebecca put me at ease whilst my partner was kicking me up the butt to go for it so I did! I’ve not looked back since.
The time from beginning 30 Days to Start Your Cake Business to launching my business was 5 weeks!! I’d never have believed it possible but Rebecca’s course was set out so well, so easy to follow and understand and if there was ever anything I needed help with or advice on she was always there to answer or reassure me! I loved the fact there was a live every week after each unit had been published where Rebecca went over things and we could ask her anything we needed to know! Without the course I wouldn’t have had a clue about launching, advertising, branding etc!
Her enjoyment of what she does is so evident in the effort she puts in to helping her groups. Her excitement and enthusiasm is actually contagious, I felt so excited about my launch as it came closer, the nerves and self doubt were gone! I’ve now been trading for 6 weeks and I’m getting busier and busier every week! To anyone who’s in two minds about joining one of Rebecca’s classes then I would advise you to go for it, as (like it was for me), it may be one of the best things you do!
Helen Stoker